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This is the TVARK News and Updates Forum. We'll provide TVARK updates here. You can discuss all aspects of the site as well as providing feedback, corrections, clip requests or clip donations.

While we encourage everyone to register, take part and discuss topics with like-minded individuals, please note we will not tolerate trolls, bullies or troublemakers.
Oh hi there!
After all this time, the mighty Trimble is back!  I joined the original incarnation of the forum around 1999, and I thus participated in the discussions on many subjects, most notably about Public Information Films as I started the whole thing there.  I may not appear on here as much as I did back in the old days, as I've developed various interests since then, but nevertheless I'll still contribute.  Once again, it's great to be back.
I hope y'all know what you're doing - Best prepare yourself for a plethora of messages saying "WHERE'S THE ARCHIVE?!" or something similar...

Aside from that, good luck on the new forum.
boredom makes you do things
Hey all! It's great to be here at TVARK Forum. And what a perfect day to open the forum given the closure of TV Live Forum earlier at midday. And it looks very smart indeed! Congrats to all at TVARK for this incredible forum - can't wait to see the archive back in the future!
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Good evening!
Hello there, great to be part of this community.

I have been a really big fan of TVARK since my childhood. The first time I discovered the page was around 2004 (during the grey branding era and the final days of the original Forum), and was able to live the 2006, 2009 and 2020 relaunches of the site. I was particularly excited at the time of the 2020 relaunch, given it was returning bigger and better, with loads of new content and many new sections of exclusive things. When the site went offline around 5 months ago, I felt sorry given the time and effort you made when the site was relaunched. Hoping the site will return as soon as you can do so, and just as strong as it did just under two years ago.

Finally, I might suggest something for the newly rebuilt website: reviving the TVARK Interactive initiative you attempted for a time in 2009, including the ability to comment and like videos and to watch back on the videos you saw during the last 10 minutes, but also to allow users to create watchlists, continuous playback of content, the ability to download videos and images (exclusively to registered users, and with stronger compliance to avoid web snatching), allowing the testing of beta functions for future roll-out (if needed), and increased moderation of comments; I was also thinking of rolling the Forum accounts to allow easy access to the entire of the TVARK ecosystem, avoiding the need for using two different and separate accounts (one for the archive and one for the Forum); additionally, I was thinking of working on a Settings page for the main website; allowing registered users to customize the browsing experience in an easy way (sort video pages by most watched, most liked or most commented; the ability to follow pages or sections and receive notifications when new content is posted; activate dark mode; replace the interface GIFs in favour of static images in case of bandwidth or computer limitations). These ideas could be implemented maybe not when the website launches, but gradually after the site is restored online.

That is all for now, hoping for the success of this forum and looking forward to be a part of it.

As someone whose entire 'forums about British television' career was caused by the successor to the successor to the original TVARK Forum (not a typo, astonishingly), it's exciting to see it come back after all this time! Here's a champagne bottle on the bow and a "best of luck" to this forum!
West Coast, Westward - it's got to be COLORBAND.

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Hopefully it all goes well for you guys, I know other forums are gonna have a long track to tread.
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I inever expected that TVARK would ever reinstate its forums. When I first stumbled upon TVARK I saw some of the forums in its dying months (and was lucky to see APFS less than a year before it shut down!) and all that I remember were threads about old Norwegian schedules (when NRK was the only channel there) and someone asking for Japanese TV clips and the admins said that a Japanese section was to be added to the international channels soon (true story)

Surprising move from TVARK, that of including forums while the main site is still being repaired. Truly a bold move.

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