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The International News Thread
Now ABC's southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, western Kentucky & northwest Tennessee affiliate WSIL3 based in Harrisburg Illinois:

Next is NBC affiliate WPSD6 based in Paducah Kentucky: this station serves southern Illinois, western Kentucky, northwest Tennessee & southeast Missouri.

Jornal da Noite from June 10, 2000. SIC had to counter-program against a Euro 2000 match with Globo's series A Muralha, that's why the news started at 9:30 instead of 8. Portuguese TV hardly does that anymore, they just continue their newscasts as if nothing else is on

Being a Portugal Day special, expect a few reports about the Portuguese diaspora, our newscasts do that a lot every year.
Tonight in "Look, it's Weekend World!":
News intros from Qatar Television. The current theme heard is a remix of the latter half of the first one from over 50 years ago.
RTL-TVI in Belgium has an all-new look for its news operation, with an all-new wordmark.
The RTL radio news sounder is no longer part of the theme because of the sale to DPG Media (owners of VTM) last year.
Euronews has rebranded. I suspect they're aiming for a more hip young approach.
TVI is teasing the rebrand of its news operation, starting in a little over a week from now (February 20). marking the return of the Jornal Nacional brand and four-note jingle. No footage of the new look has appeared yet, better keep it secret until the big day.
The rebrand as it happened.
Warka Telefishanka Qaranka, Somaliland National Television, 2011. The intro theme is truly laughable

The theme is an arrangement of the national anthem of Somaliland and has been changed at least two times.

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