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RE: Welcome! - RandomMe - 04-08-2022

I completely forgot about that Newswire feature nearly four years after they invented it. The site already had the most-commented and most-liked videos even though it was in beta mode for two years, only the most-viewed were there.

Who knows what led to the BBC 2 crystal ball breaking all the records

RE: Welcome! - RyoG - 05-08-2022

Greetings. Used to lurk on the old TVARK forums years ago, think I posted like....twice!

Well.....time to change that methinks!

RE: Welcome! - RandomMe - 07-08-2022

Sometimes I get "authorization code mismatch" and I have to log in for a second time.

RE: Welcome! - Michael Power - 10-08-2022

Hey all - good to be here! I wish the TVArk team all the best with this new forum. Smile

(31-07-2022, 06:36 PM)Colorband Wrote: As someone whose entire 'forums about British television' career was caused by the successor to the successor to the original TVARK Forum (not a typo, astonishingly), it's exciting to see it come back after all this time! Here's a champagne bottle on the bow and a "best of luck" to this forum!

Aw man that brings me back… that forum was awesome - hey old friend, good to see you again!  Heart

RE: Welcome! - worldinred - 20-08-2022

(31-07-2022, 05:31 PM)Lyric Wrote: I hope y'all know what you're doing - Best prepare yourself for a plethora of messages saying "WHERE'S THE ARCHIVE?!" or something similar...

Aside from that, good luck on the new forum.
so where is it???????? LOL

RE: Welcome! - CJT80 - 26-09-2022

(31-07-2022, 01:32 PM)TVARK Wrote: This is the TVARK News and Updates Forum. We'll provide TVARK updates here. You can discuss all aspects of the site as well as providing feedback, corrections, clip requests or clip donations.

While we encourage everyone to register, take part and discuss topics with like-minded individuals, please note we will not tolerate trolls, bullies or troublemakers.

So glad to be here!  I have loved TVARK for many many many years! I hope to see the full site back soon :-)

RE: Welcome! - RandomMe - 13-10-2022

apparently this forum just attracted its first spambot, in the news section.