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Murphy's Law

Broadcast Date unknown © Braun Entertainment Group
Broadcast Date unknown
© Braun Entertainment Group

Daedalus Patrick Murphy (George Segal) is a big city insurance investigator with a history of alcoholism, bankruptcy and unstable relationships. And he's the good guy in this series! His roommate is Kimiko Fannuchi (Maggie Han), a gorgeous Eurasian model (or pinup girl, depending on who he's talking to!) Kimi would like to be a top model, but her biggest claim to fame is being the scantily clad calendar girl for Morgan's Power Tools. Their relationship is mostly platonic, much to Murphy's disgust: he'd love to remove what he calls the Bamboo Curtain, a wool blanket, that divides their apartment. This clip comes with the added bonus of the lovely Evadne Fisher introducing it and the corporate Thames ident, with the slightly stunted version of the David Dundas ITV theme.